Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Record: 200,000 will miss out university

“Record 200,000 to miss out on university”


“Around 200,000 people will miss out on places at UK universities this year, the highest number on record.

The number of students filling vacancies through clearing has reached 13,000, with about 62,000 university places remaining, said the admissions body Ucas.

So far 419,000 students have already been accepted with Ucas expecting this figure to rise to around 480,000.

A record 682,514 people applied for university places this year with just over 192,000 still able to apply through clearing, Ucas figures show.

Mary Curnock Cook, head of Ucas, said the Ucas website received 644 hits per second on Thursday.

She told BBC News that 65,000 people who have already applied for places were still awaiting decisions from universities, while 62,000 places remain.

"The total number of applicants was up by about 1% this year, so it is more than ever before," she said. (..)”

in The Guardian


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